Ankle Sprains

Ankle Sprains

A wrong ankle twist can put you out of commission for quite a while. Ankle sprains are common among those who participate in sports and those who exercise regularly. If you’ve been injured, you may be feeling frustrated about having to stay off your feet for a while. Here at LePoer Podiatry, we can provide you with the care you need to get back out there in no time.

Two of the best options for addressing ankle sprains are braces and splints. These options will help stabilize your leg and allow it to heal properly. Get in touch with our Providence, RI, office today to learn more.


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What Are Ankle Sprains?

Ligaments help stabilize joints, preventing excessive movement. When you twist or turn your ankle too far or in the incorrect motion, you place your ligaments into an awkward position. This results in:

  • Pain, especially when pressure is applied.
  • Tenderness when you touch the ankle.
  • Swelling and bruising.
  • A restricted range of motion.
  • Instability in the ankle.
  • A popping sensation.

What Are the Treatment Options?

Our braces and splints are designed to stabilize your ankle and prevent you from placing additional weight on the injured area. This can help speed up your recovery process along with improving your mobility. Our braces and splints are provided after a careful evaluation of your injury. This is done to ensure you get the best support possible.

Treatments for Ankle Sprains in Providence, Rhode Island

Don’t let ankle sprains put you out of commission. Here at LePoer Podiatry, we offer braces and splints to help your injuries heal in a proper and effective manner. If you’ve been injured, get in touch with our office by filling out the form below or giving us a call at (401) 453-2000.

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