Athlete’s Foot

Athlete’s Foot

Itching, stinging, burning – these and other similar signs are the staples of athlete’s foot. This condition isn’t serious, but it can cause quite a bit of discomfort while it’s around. One of the major issues is that the pain caused by this problem can cut into your workout routine, killing your momentum and desire to continue.

At LePoer Podiatry, we aim to keep you motivated. Along with offering support and diagnostic help, we also provide medication to speed up your recovery and get you back to what you love most. Get in touch with our office today to learn more about our options.


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What Is Athlete’s Foot?

Athlete’s foot is a fungal infection that forms due to moisture around the foot. It is commonly caused by exposure to certain locations where moisture builds up regularly. Some examples include gyms, locker rooms, swimming pools, communal showers, and nail salons.

An athlete’s foot infection might start out as a little burning or itching between your toes. In many cases, the initial signs of the infection can sometimes be mistaken for eczema or dry skin. When these signs appear, it’s important to talk to a specialist in order to get properly diagnosed and cared for early on. If not properly addressed, your symptoms can worsen quickly.

What Are the Treatment Options?

At LePoer Podiatry, we offer antifungal medications to help speed up your recovery from athlete’s foot. In most cases, the medications come in the form of ointments that must be applied to your feet at the source of the issue. To learn more about our treatment options, get in touch with our team today.

Athlete’s Foot Treatments in Providence, Rhode Island

Athlete’s foot can be annoying but easy to treat if you have the right help. At LePoer Podiatry, we offer effective antifungal medications to alleviate this problem and get you back on your feet. Learn more by filling out and submitting the form below or by calling us at (401) 453-2000 for an appointment.

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