If you’ve been experiencing a painful, burning, or tingling sensation between your toes, you may have a neuroma. Neuromas are essentially “pinched nerves” or nerve tumors that can make day-to-day life a struggle. The good news is that treatments are available for this condition, and they can be found here at our Providence office.

The symptoms of a neuroma include:

  • Pain, most commonly between the toes.
  • Tingling and numbness in the ball of the foot.
  • Swelling and inflammation between the toes.
  • Pain in the ball of the foot when weight is placed on it.

Neuromas can be addressed using sclerosing injections. These injections are non-surgical and offer an effective, minimally invasive method of alleviating this condition. Custom orthotics can also be used for treatment, allowing you to feel more comfortable as you go about your day.


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What Are Neuromas?

A neuroma is a painful condition, also referred to as a “pinched nerve” or a nerve tumor. This benign growth of nerve tissue usually occurs between the third and fourth toes. The exact cause of this condition is unclear, but several factors can contribute to the formation of a neuroma:

  • Deformities like high-arched or flat feet.
  • Trauma that damages the nerve, resulting in inflammation or swelling.
  • Improper footwear that causes the toes to be squeezed together.
  • Repeated stress common among those in certain occupations.

What Are the Treatment Options?

At LePoer Podiatry, we offer sclerosing injections and custom orthotics to alleviate the pain and discomfort caused by this condition. Our injections work fast to eliminate the mass of nerves responsible for the neuroma. Meanwhile, custom orthotics can reduce the pressure on your feet, helping you avoid further incidents.

Treatments for Neuromas in Providence, Rhode Island

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