Podiatric Deformities

Podiatric Deformities

Trauma to our feet and ankles can cause a strain on our bodies. For this reason, it is important to take podiatric deformities seriously. Foot, ankle, and toe conditions include all forms of congenital and acquired deformities and injuries to the lower extremities. Here at LePoer Podiatry, our physicians address various conditions, treating flat feet, hammertoes, bunions, and more. If you struggle with any of these conditions, schedule your consultation today.


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Causes of Podiatric Deformities

Certain podiatric deformities are caused by genetics. While many are evident at birth, some may not become noticeable until adolescence. Other lower extremity disorders may be symptoms of complex, multisystem disorders. Acquired deformities of the foot, ankle, and toe may be caused by:

  • Trauma (injury) to the growth plate
  • Trauma (injury) to joint surfaces
  • Fracture malunions
  • Neuromuscular deformities (muscular dystrophies, tethered cord, spasticity infection, or tumors)

Signs of Deformities

Different issues can signify signs of deformities. Things like flat feet, extremely high arches, or bunions on the side of their big toe can cause concern. Other things to consider are persistent pain or problems walking. If you experience any of these signs and find it difficult to move around due to them, contacting one of our physicians may be the right call.

How To Treat These Conditions

We strive to identify podiatric issues and provide effective solutions at our Providence office. Every situation is unique, but it is good to get foot and ankle deformities diagnosed early so that you can explore non-invasive treatment options. Sometimes, treatment is as simple as custom orthotics or changes in your footwear.

For more serious deformities, you may need braces, casting, or surgical correction. For young children, dealing with the issue now means that your child can walk, run, play, and enjoy life to the fullest as they grow up.

Treatments for Podiatric Deformities in Providence, Rhode Island

If you’re struggling with an ankle or foot deformity, we can help. Our podiatrists can diagnose and treat a range of concerns, helping you feel more comfortable. Get started with us today by filling out and submitting the form below or calling us at (401) 453-2000 for an appointment.

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