XEO® Laser Genesis

XEO® Laser Genesis

Fungal infections are not like the common cold – they don’t go away on their own. When it comes to addressing toenail fungus, the common practice is to get a prescription ointment. However, administering ointment can be messy and time-consuming. At LePoer Podiatry, we provide XEO® Laser Genesis treatments to address fungal infections at their source. Get in touch to learn more about our innovative solution today. 


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What Is XEO® Laser Genesis?

XEO® Laser Genesis is a breakthrough laser platform that uses light energy to treat various parts of the body. This device is often relied on for skin rejuvenation and laser hair removal. At LePoer Podiatry, we use it to treat fungal infections and help our patients attain the comfort they deserve. Treatments with this device are non-invasive and offer long-lasting results.

How Does a XEO® Laser Genesis Treatment Work?

A Laser Genesis treatment uses laser light emitted from the device’s handpiece. When administered on the toes, the light energy penetrates deep below the toenails and soft tissue. The heat generated kills otherwise hard-to-reach fungus and promotes healthy nail growth.

When Are Laser Treatments Needed?

If you’re struggling with foot fungus and can’t find relief, a XEO® session here at our office may be right for you. This treatment is not messy and doesn’t require a prolonged, at-home application like most ointments. Instead, this device gets right to work, destroying fungal cells at their source. Several sessions may be needed to get the best results, but no downtime is required.

Additional Treatments with XEO®

Not only can XEO® Laser Genesis provide fungal treatments, but this amazing device can also reduce spider and varicose veins. This device works by emitting light energy that penetrated deep into the blood vessel, generating heat. The heat created coagulates the blood within the targeted vein, causing it to collapse and sealing it closed.

XEO® also provides laser hair removal for unwanted hair on the face and body. XEO®’s hair removal attachment, the ProWave LX™, works by emitting pulses of highly concentrated light energy directly into hair follicles. This concentration of light destroys the hair at its source and stalls the regrowth process, giving you long-lasting results.

XEO® Laser Genesis Treatments in Providence, Rhode Island

Eliminate toenail fungus with ease thanks to our Laser Genesis treatments. These treatments make ointments and cream a thing of the past. Get in touch to learn more today by filling out and submitting the form below or by calling us at (401) 453-2000 for an appointment.

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